County Down Exhibition Budgerigar Club.

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Membership cost is set at £15.00 per person.
Graham Adams 
Chairman 2017

The name Graham Adams is synonymous with Top Class Exhibition Budgerigars 
He has established a reputation as a world class bird man and stockman who has made his mark on the hobby here in NI

Sam Roy 
Sam is a man of integrity 
He has wisely chosen membership of the County Down and has already proved himself a real asset to our club
A brilliant administrator Sam has already established himself as one of our most able members 
He is now Secretary 
We are delighted with him! 

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John Smallwood
Press Officer
Big John is a cracker.John is Top Novice in Northern Ireland .We are delighted to have John serve as an officer of this club
Big John has guts to burn is a loyal club member and is a strong supporter of all shows 

John Hawthorne 
Cup Secretary
John is just into budgies and is one of our newest members
A family man John is keen to establish himself with a line of quality birds
We are delighted John chose the County Down  
Jim Davison 
Jim is a real gentleman.A grandfather and great supporter of our club.Wish we had more men in birds like big Jim!