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Job Done 598 points must be a record!

Posted on November 20, 2017 at 12:15 PM

ABS Partnership did it again yesterday in Cullybackey


   (hope thats how its spelt) ,in the heart of Co.Antrim

Best Breeder in Show with a Top Class Cinnamon Hen

What a hen - no judge could go past her -Outstanding!

With 598 points that just about wraps it up once again!

  What a season -week after week -North and South

Last points show of the season 598 points WOW!!!!!

              ABS Partnership Top Breeders 2017

End of another season - ABS never missed a show!!!

Congratulations to everyone from every club who took

the trouble to show a bird and support local shows.In a

sense that makes us all winners by contributing to

what can be a great hobby for everyone. LETS NOT

introduce or import anything into our society that will

disrupt the peace of 2017 or cause further division.

We should be celebrating that which unites!

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