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Great End to ABS Season 2017

Posted on November 12, 2017 at 9:40 AM

ABS - Partnership marched on yesterday with a super win at Ballymoney.

Its a true saying "One swallow doesn't make a summer" and this was

proven yet again with ABS quality being the order of the day !

Water eventually finds its on level - quality always wins out !

                           Best in Show - Best Breeder in Show   

Another BEST in SHOW with our own home bred 2017 birds.

Another BEST BREEDER in SHOW with a new kid on the block !

A super quality Young Grey who beat all comers to be crowned the

    Best Bird in Show and Best Breeder in Show at Ballymoney 2017

Thanks to the Judge on the day who did what was right in ensuring that

the Best Bird on the day Won Best in Show and Best Breeder in Show

When this happens integrity within showing is restored and strengthened

and the thing that all exhibitors want most - "Fairness is Preserved"

  556 breeder points             556 breeder points          556 breeder points

     This must be heading for a record - at least Silver Wings Award!


 556 points and we are still counting 


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