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Northern Ireland Premier SHow

Posted on August 19, 2017 at 3:15 PM

   Wow ,what a great show today!

NIB,ZFFBS - credit for a great show!

Congratulations to ABS Partnership for a glorious

display of quality birds in the breeder classes !

ABS dominated the breeder classes both numerically

and in sheer terms of quality young birds on display

In an unbelievable display of breeding prowess ABS

stormed the awards yet again to be crowned with

Best Breeder in Show -Best Opp Sex Breeder in Show

   This was 3 shows in a row - winning 3 Best Breeder in Show Awards

 Best Young Bird North of the Border - Best Young Bird South of Border

Three different birds - Three Best Breeder in Show !!

ABS concentrate on showing breeder birds in an

attempt to promote the hobby and make it thrive

We have 3 seperate show teams ready for action and

like Chelsea have equally good players on the bench

Well done Graham Adams ,David Boyd and new 2017

member John Smallwood - done the Co Down proud!


Congratulation to Desie Shaw on another Great Win

with his team of top quality Bengalese in Show

Congratulations to all our loyal County Down members

      on a wonderful day for the County Down Club

Hearty congratulations to all winners on a great day for

the 'Northern Ireland' and for showing quality birds

Lets build on this success and unity of purpose and

make Northern Ireland a great place to show birds!

      All our shows should now be open to everyone

(Lets show leadership by leading the way and by ensuring  equality and

fairness for all by ensuring that every show is open to everyone and that

the best birds are welcome and on display at every one of our shows )

         Well Done To Everyone 



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