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Posted on June 11, 2017 at 10:15 AM

We quite simply had a brilliant day out yesterday!

Thanks to so many from the Ulster and Craigavon

Club for all their support and help on the day of the


Results as follows ;

Exhibition Budgerigars 

Best Budgerigar in Show - ABS Partnership

Best Budgerigar Breeder in Show -ABS Partnership

Exhibition Bengalese

Best Bengalese in Show - Des Shaw

Best Bengalese Breeder in Show -Des Shaw

Exhibition Zebra Finch

Best in Show - Kris Gilmore

Best Zebra Breeder in Show - Kris Gilmore

Congratulations to Conor Wilkinson on winning the

Best Beginner Budgerigar Breeder in Show .....and

Congratulations to Jake McCormick for winning the

Best Junior Exhibit in Show

                                 New Members

It was great to welcome new members to the club!

We had a brilliant day - great food ,great craic !

Everyone always welcome at the County Down Club

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